About ReiseNavet

ReiseNavet is an innovation project funded by the Transport 2025 program of the Norwegian Research Council. The project started June 1st 2019 and will end May 31st 2022.

The topic of ReiseNavet is Mobility as a Service (MaaS). The project partners are Entur, SINTEF, Ruter, Kolombus, Hertz, Hyre and Urban Sharing.


The main objective of ReiseNavet is to provide knowledge on how a nationwide and digital MaaS platform efficiently and flexibly can support the realisation of MaaS. The project will develop digital services to support data integration and establishment of contractual agreements, mobility package development, booking, ticketing, payment and settlement. With such a platform in place, MaaS operators (both public transport companies and private actors) can focus on developing the core MaaS service towards end-users (such as application development, user support, etc.).

To reach the project objective, ReiseNavet will collect needs and input from relevant stakeholders, such as transport service providers, the entity responsible for the national platform for travel information in Norway (Entur) and candidate MaaS Providers (among them Ruter and Kolumbus). ReiseNavet will pilot and evaluate how the use of semantic technologies can support data integration between the platform (ReiseNavet) and transport service providers and explore how MaaS services should be established using the digital services developed in the project. The project will also investigate relevant business and governance models related to MaaS.